'Legal Aliens' is a double-act highlight


This double-act features two expat comedians sharing the stage, but bringing their own distinct flair to their own unique sets. A charming examination of clashing cultures – particularly exploring the hilarious intersections of when the East meets the West – Legal Aliens isn't a perfect show, but it's brimming with enthusiasm, spontaneity and big laughs throughout.

Andy Curtain opens the set, making his claim clear from his first joke to the sold-out closing night crowd: he'd be joking about race, but he wasn't here to be negative. Instead, Curtain's jokes often shone a light on the similarities between disparate cultures, despite their surface differences.

Remaining unflustered by a few cheeky heckles, Curtain's Australian accent is thick and broad: making his ruminations on living life in China even more comical. His material based on his home life and relationship with his Chinese-Russian wife garnered the biggest laughs of the night, capitulating with a side-splitting story of setting off counterfeit fireworks inside his tiny apartment. While his delivery sometimes felt a little rushed, overall Curtain delivered a strong set that only continued to gather momentum as the jokes rolled on.

Following suit was American comic Wil Sylvince, who brought big laughs right from the start (no doubt indebted to Curtain's expert warming up of the crowd). A light-hearted set that managed to skip between race relations and bidets with ease, his natural rapport with the crowd was evident from the get-go – holding the audience's attention with ease from start to finish.

A surprising highlight of the show was its unexpected, free-flowing ending. The pair took to the stage together, ribbing each other, joking and laughing at each other's wit. It was a joy to watch, and clearly showed how much they enjoy each other's company and comedy. With promises of returning next year and wrapping up with their biggest crowd of the festival, it's safe to say Wil Sylvince and Andy Curtain are onto a winning ticket here. 

By John Fabrozio