Kona Kustom Kulture

Who are we speaking to and how are you involved in the exhibition?
We are Tony and Janet Peake the owners of Kustom Lane Gallery, a family runLowbrow Art Gallery that we established in 2007.We are hosting the exhibition Kona Kustom Kulture, the art of Brad ‘Tiki Shark’ Parker. We have been selling Brad's art in the gallery for the past seven years.
What should visitors expect from this exhibition?
Visitors will get to meet and greet Hawaiian celebrity artist Brad Parker on Friday November 4 and Saturday November 5. They will get to see and have the opportunity to buy the original art, along with a large range of Giclee prints and souvenir items that Brad has produced.
What do you love about Hawaiian art? It isn’t just Hawaiian art, Brad's art consists of many genres including Hawaiian, Surf, Monster and Hot Rods.
Tell us about Brad Parker and why his work is so widely loved.
Brad's work is widely loved due to his talent to produce high quality original designs. He also designs for Body Glove and Chef Sam Choy - another well know Hawaiian TV celebrity.
What are you looking forward to most about this? We are mostly looking forward to having Brad exhibit at Kustom Lane Gallery with his first ever Australian exhibition Kona Kustom Kulture. Also this is Brad's first ever trip to Australia. 

Kona Kustom Kulture will feature at Kustom Lane Gallery on Friday November 4 and Saturday November 5.