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Katya Grokhovsky

The Ukrainian-born, Australian-raised artist is bringing her somewhat sadistic, extremely beautiful Slow Dance exhibition to the forefront of our lives, and we couldn't be more stoked to catch a glimpse. 

A metaphor of our slow, or incredibly fast, intimate, often coupled and extremely human, dance to the grave, Slow Dance is an exploration of our simultaneous desire and fear of closeness, aging, loneliness and the ultimate distance between us.
A combination of videos, found objects, drawings, photographs and participatory performance, Katya will bring with her the only object she has been able to take with her throughout her travels, her own body. Slow Dance proves the act of turning is not only physical, but also perpetual.

Be transported to your own body as Katya Grokhovsky's Slow Dance heads to BUS Projects' Gallery 1 and 2 from June 5 – 23.