Judith Lucy & Denise Scott are the perfect pair in 'Disappointments'


Judith Lucy and Denise Scott’s Disappointments is a show you should take your mum to. Your aunty perhaps. Maybe even your grandma if she’s sufficiently mobile. It is not a show to take a first date to. Particularly if your date is a heterosexual male in his early thirties.
I learned this the hard way.
My blunder dawned on me upon entering the Arts Centre and noting the plethora of wheelchairs and walking frames parked at the door. It became apparent when the introductory video referenced female ejaculation twice in as many minutes. And after an hour of gags about colonic irrigation and ‘dry vaginas’, I expected my poor, unsuspecting date to make a run for it.
Performing at MICF together in 1999 and 2013, Scott and Lucy, aka ‘Scotty’ and ‘Jude’ are masters of merriment for the middle aged. They address the mostly menopausal audience (and the husbands who get dragged along with them) like old friends, and are clearly having a ball.
The show is cleverly structured with a mix of solo routines and joint material. Scott sticks to topics that resonate with the over 60s, including bowel screening kits and arthritis while Lucy tackles slightly edgier material, like the career crisis that followed her brother’s death and her hatred for '80s music.
Gags around Scott’s forgetfulness and Lucy’s comparable youth appear to have an element of truth with Lucy doing the heavy lifting in maintaining the pace of the show. Her deadpan quips (particularly during the audience interaction) are on point, and when Scott’s stories start to lag, Lucy is there with a well-timed zinger to keep things moving.
The common thread throughout the show are the failures in each of the comedienne’s lives. In the final act, they decide to embrace their ‘disappointments’ and encourage the audience – and the nation – to do the same. A quick costume change, some ribbon twirling and a video filled with cultural stereotypes to the tune of ‘We Are Australian’ later and the final ten minutes becomes the highlight of the show.
It may not have been an appropriate first date choice but I’m taking on Jude and Scotty’s advice to embrace my disappointments. And that wine fixes everything. I definitely owe this guy a drink. 
By Nicole Ryan