The ingenious market decorating an intimate Collingwood warehouse with health and wellbeing

This is a sure way of kickstarting your wellness journey.

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The Collingwood Wellness Market focuses on vitality and health whilst offering the finest art, crafts, jewellery and fashion. How will these come together on the day? 

Wellness is an active journey of becoming consciously aware of your choices and taking actions towards a healthy and fulfilling life. It incorporates so much more than people think. If you are creating a more livable space in your home through plants, ceramics and art you are enhancing your environmental wellness. Even fashion and jewellery pair up to collectively enhance social and emotional wellbeing through one being able to express their individuality whilst simultaneously assisting them to feel confident in the social setting.

Where is the market happening and what is the space like?

The market is happening in Collingwood at 5 Easey Street located just off Smith Street. The space is quintessentially Collingwood with a narrow unassuming laneway leading to stairs which take you up to the second floor light-filled warehouse space where the majority of stallholders and wellness workshops will be.

With up to 50 unique brands present, those heading along will be spoilt for choice. What are some of the brands and what will they be offering specifically?     

With a focus on quality over quantity we envision attendees spending a significant time at each stall not just browsing a product but learning and interacting with it. Some brands to note are The Broth Sisters who will be there to teach you why you should be trying their delicious bone broths, Earthtribe with a range of eco-wellness products and a host of health professionals who will each be running wellness workshops throughout the day.

There will also be live music. Who will be performing and how will the live music be set up on the day?

We will have DJ Relic spinning the decks upstairs in the warehouse all day with his amazing selection of beats from lo-fi to drum and bass. In our outside section as you enter the market, you will be greeted by either acoustic act Georgia Bennett or Maja.

For those attending the Collingwood Wellness Market, what do you want them to get out of their experience?

We would love for people to be present and conscious. It is not a huge market but there is so much to take away for those who take their time. We aim to foster community connection whilst having people leave more empowered, both through a newfound awareness and improved wellness choices. 

The Collingwood Wellness Market takes over 5 Easey Street, Collingwood on Saturday February 23 from 10am-3pm. Head to the Facebook page for more info.