Impro Melbourne embrace spontaneity in 'Wild Card'

Tell us about your show. Wild Card is our new improvisation show for the late night slot in 2018. We want elements of fun and surprise for both the audience and the players, to keep us all on our comic toes. The audience will have a chance to offer suggestions which go onto cards in a pack which are then randomly drawn out by the players on stage. The players, or the host, can also call for ‘Wild Card” - a special pack of ‘wild’ ideas, to add to the scene.

The idea for the show was born when… The idea was born when we looked at our 20 year history with the Festival and the late night slot. We love continuing to invent and create for this late night time, knowing audiences want to laugh and, with impro, also want to have some input into the show.

What's a fun fact about the show? We have purchased a red siren light for when the ‘wild card’ is called! This is our 22nd year in the late night slot at the Comedy Festival - we started it all in 1996.

Describe your show in three words. Unexpected, funny and wild.

Does your show have any audience participation? Yes, a lot. Before the show as we will be gathering all the suggestions for the night from them.

Who are you looking forward to seeing this year at the festival? We love seeing our impro friends and Alumni players in their shows. Rama Nicholas in Death Rides a Horse, Russell Fletcher, John Thorn and the talented improvisers in Spontaneous Broadway and whatever Watson (Adam McKenzie, Tegan Higginbotham and Liam Ryan) bring to the Festival.

Venues: Melbourne Town Hall - Cloak Room & Melbourne Town Hall - Portico Room
Dates: Every Friday & Saturday from March 30 - April 21
Tickets: $16 - $22