A huge collection of Viking artefacts is coming to Melbourne

Uncovering the real story of who the Vikings were. 

In what amounts to the largest collection of Viking artefacts to ever be displayed in Melbourne, Vikings: Beyond the Legend is a must-see exhibition for history buffs and curious punters alike. 

Featuring a treasure trove of rare items uncovered by archaeologists, the exhibition showcases more than 450 findings that tell the true story of who these people are. 

Among the rare treasures, some of which have never left Scandinavia will be one of the finest Thor hammer pendants ever found, rune stones used to mark death and important events, a 1000-year-old piece of bread, swords dating from 700-1100 AD and fascinating insights into Norse mythology. 

Vikings: Beyond the Legend runs at Melbourne Museum from March 23 to August 26. Tickets