How To Get Rich

How To Get Rich is the tale of Aleisha McCormack’s investment in Richard, a London based fella who she flew 24 hours to meet IRL after a four month internet based relationship.

There is so much to love about this show - great direction from Julia Zemiro, self-deprecating humour, almost too-real portrayals of “those women”, a hilarious special guest with great advice and a strong core storyline. This may be a one woman show but it is rich (mind the pun) in characters and has something for everyone.
McCormack’s knack for presenting harrowing life experiences that have you in tears (of laughter) sets her comedy apart. You’d never imagine the array of depressing and bizarre times she’s gone through and how she could present them with such charm and wit. The story of her love life is just one aspect that hasn’t gone to plan in recent years being dumped at the altar and dealing since with an array of duds. It’s easy, then, to understand her trepidation in flying to the other side of the world for an internet boyfriend (but it was on Facebook guys, she didn’t pay).
The show takes place on a plane during the long haul flight from Melbourne to London as McCormack prepares to meet her online love talking openly with whoever happened to be sitting next to her on the plane. There are exceptions to the location rule as she acts out flashbacks, conversations from the past (including one smug pal who like, literally, isn’t that supportive), learning all about vajazzling, inside-her-head insane freak out moments and an email check on her flight stopover that may or may not go to plan.
The success of McCormack’s show may be based on how much the audience empathises with her. Within no time, you desperately want this meeting and romance to work out for her and throughout the show you realise just how much this woman has experienced in her life, no less the childhood trauma of being kidnapped by her mother without her father’s knowledge and taken to London only to be shipped back on her own. The delivery of these stories is refreshing and unexpectedly funny.  
How To Get Rich is a charming tale of hope, courage and giving this love thing a red hot go. McCormack takes chances in her real life as well as in her show and they pay off - coming together in a hilarious, heartwarming and strangely inspiring tale of finding out if your internet boyfriend is a serial killer, a dwarf or perhaps the love of your life.