Holly Durant Announces Dance & Death At Grant Street

A night of performance, interactive art and never-ending body rolls, Dance & Death is bringing together a host of performers to celebrate the art of movement.

The night, which is curated by choreographer and dancer Holly Durant, will feature performances from her with Finucane and Smith and Rogue Collective, in numerous productions including The Burlesque Hour, The Glory Box and Carnival of Mysteries. The night will also feature Maude Davey, Anna Lumb, Lily Paskas, 2nd Toe Dancers, James Andrew and more.
Dance  &  Death will also feature interactive sculpture by Kasia Lynch, installation by Kate Geck and DJ Tanzer, and fashion by Edgeley, Oops and Fizzy Fingers.
Throughout the night, Holly and friends will also be attempting to break the Guiness World Record for the longest, continuous body rolls on a dancefloor.

Dance & Death will take over Grant Street Theatre on Saturday June 28. Bookings are available through the venue.