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Hamer Hall's Trocadero

Melbourne's Hamer Hall will exhibit an irresistable brasserie and cocktail bar, come mid-2012.

Hamer Hall's makeover will come with an added bonus, a Mediterranean-style brasserie and cocktail bar called the Trocadero. Named after the dance hall that used to sit in the same location in the 1920, the Trocadero will be described as “a feast for the senses”. Specialising in delicacies from France, Spain and Italy and featuring flexible lounge seating, the restaruant and bar will feature an unprecedented view of the river. Hamer Hall's doors will be re-opened in the middle of 2012 as the cultural pinnacle of Southbank's entertainment offerings, after the completion of its $128.5 million redevelopment. The re-furbished hall will contain state-of-the-art seating and technology systems, sure to place it among the world's great venues.

Hamer Hall and the Trocadero will be re-opened in the middle of next year.