Grain Of Truth


Cancel all plans for the first Saturday of the month. We don’t give a shit even if it’s your nan’s 90th birthday – you have to go and see Grain of Truth instead. This is goddmam hilarious.
Grain of Truth, the brain-child of Melbourne-based comedian David S. Innes, is a panel based show recorded live at the Wesley Anne for a bi-monthly podcast. Four panellists compete and bring a specialist branch of knowledge to the table - nothing too erudite mind: TV, Bond and horror literature will do it. It’s a bit like Never Mind The Buzzcocks meets Shooting Stars.
Today’s first episode is loosely about heroes and villains and the second’s a Halloween bash. 90-second Ted Talks kick off each show – the highlight being Lliam Amor’s mildly controversial but thoroughly tongue in cheek Six Easy Steps to Being Your Own Bond (DIY Bond requires that you: stop crying, smell like a man, wear a tailored suit always, except for when a pale blue leisure suit is more appropriate, convert a lesbian and drive a manual).
Round two is analysis and application – participants need to use their skills to solve a problem or advertise an item. Stale bread becomes a roof sealant and another team saves the world with Beard Boy.
It’s absurd, funny and super sharp – it’s also free and in a pub, so win-win baby. Get along and show your support, because we want them to come back next year. 

Check out the Grain Of Truth website for upcoming shows.