Go grab your woofer because a huge dog lovers show is coming to Melbourne

Ever wondered how your doggo’s ability to fetch sticks’n’things from the water would fare in a competitive environment?

Well look no further as the ultimate test of a canine’s speed, agility, swimming talent and competitive desire comes to Melbourne welcoming dogs of all breeds over six months old.
The event will be divided into three parts with Big Air, Extreme Vertical and Speed Retrieve competitions. The Big Air tests the length of your dog’s leap as they jump into a pool of water after an object. The length of their jump is then electronically judged.
The Extreme Vertical is the equivalent of the high jump. Dogs will lunge into the air to snag a ‘bumper’ suspended in the air at over six feet – the height of their jump is then measured.
The Speed Retrieve will challenge your dogs water sense and swimming speed as they're asked to dive into the pool, retrieve an item held by a modified extender arm at the other end and return as fast as they can.

DockDogs comes to the Royal Exhibition Building as part of the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show between Friday May 5 and Sunday May 7.