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Glory Box

The undisputed Empress of Provocative Variety & Intimate Spectacle, Moira Finucane parachutes into Melbourne in the middle of an eight month, six country, 100 venue tour to bring her beloved home town the Medusa Mega Mix of Finucane & Smith's legendary genre-busting, multi-award winning, globally-acclaimed Burlesque Hour. And this time she's opening Pandora's Box. 

Dipped in lush brocades, bespoke cocktails and golden dragons, Finucane & Smith's Glory Box is Burlesque Hour meets Pandora's Box: fusing demi-monde nightclub with jaw-dropping cabaret, insolent and exotic live art, circus and sideshow, butoh and disco, grand guignol and backroom ballet in a seductive spectacle.

But it's only around for four weeks, so chances are not to be missed. Glory Box will head to fortyfivedownstairs from June 7 – July 1.