Gillian English breaks Shakespeare down for the young'uns in new show, 'Comedy of Errors for Kids'

Tell us about your show. Comedy of Errors for Kids is a re-imagining of Shakespeare's very silly play Comedy of Errors. My puppet friend Bip and I dive into the crazy world of mistaken identities and try to sort things out. The show uses the cleverness of Shakespeare’s word play, storytelling and the magic of puppetry to take kids on a fun, interactive journey – all the while, making Shakespeare easy to understand and love.

What does your show teach the audience? Comedy of Errors for Kids teaches children how important it is to communicate and co-operate. A lot of times, if we just wait a moment, take a deep breath and make sure everyone around us understands how we feel, a lot of problems can be solved. Of course, you have to listen to how the other person feels too.

Shakespeare wrote for the masses, and his works have universal appeal. The love or disdain of Shakespeare starts in childhood. If kids associate the works of Shakespeare with fun and silliness, we can encourage a whole new generation of children to have a positive and exciting relationship with reading, classical literature and theatre.

Does your show have any audience participation? Indeed it does! There's heaps of audience participation. I need the kids to help me and Bip figure out who's who, and how it all ends. There are lots of opportunities for the kids to get involved, and play along. It’s a very fun time for the whole family.

Venue: Kicks
Dates: Friday March 30 – Sunday April 15 (bar Mondays)
Tickets: $18 - $70