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Get Your Garage Sale On


Last year saw the inauguration of Garage Sale Trail, an internationally recognised sustainability program. It's back in 2012, and this year The City of Melbourne have jumped on board activating our fair city's streets with it. 

Taking place on Saturday 5 May, Garage Sale Trail welcomes households, makers and creators, cultural institutions, charities, schools, libraries, local businesses and community groups to host a sale as part of the biggest real-world, community-based market-place in Australia. It’s a means to de-clutter, make some pocket money or fundraise, meet your neighbours, do something positive for the community and have a little fun too.


Melbourne’s iconic Hosier Lane will be hosting a monster garage sale selling over 1000 pairs of funky shoes to raise funds for Youth Projects, a leading charity supporting homeless youth in Melbourne.


Last year Garage Sale Trail attracted over 80,000 shoppers nationally and 3000 households and community groups all sold their wares. With City Of Melbourne involved these numbers are set to be blown out of the water.


Melbourne’s creative arts and cultural market community will also be brought to life in Hosier lane on May 5th as Just Another Agency, one of Australia’s leading creative agencies, present the Bend and Snap markets as another dimension of the official City of Melbourne activity.


Garage Sale Trail is a community-based market place that happens all over Australia on one day, May 5th, 2012. With roots in sustainability, Garage Sale Trail is all about discovery, creativity, community and micro-enterprise.