Fuckboys The Musical

Is Fuckboys The Musical based off your real-life experience? It’s based off my real-life experience with a breakup that happened last year. I was crushed, so as a means of therapy, I sat down and started writing down everything I was feeling and everything I wanted to say to my ex, and that eventually became Fuckboys.

Can you describe the creative process of making this show? It came very naturally, I was really lucky to have a great team of people who believed in the show so much, and wanted it to succeed.

Who influences you as a songwriter? Definitely Pasek and Paul, whom you might know from The Greatest Showman or Dear Evan Hansen, and Kerrigan and Lowdermilk. They have this way of writing music that feels more like storytelling than a show-stopping “Broadway” number, and that is definitely my style. I just really love honest, concise storytelling within my music.

Can you tell us a fun fact about your show? There are no coincidences. Every small detail is something from my personal life. References to specific types of drinks, the college I went to, all of those tiny details that may seem irrelevant are specifically placed there for my own sort of selfish satisfaction.

What are your hopes for the show after Melbourne Fringe? We are going to be revisiting the show, tweaking some of the music and adding some things here and there to the script to really make it a 90-minute show and then we’ll see what happens after that. As long as people want Fuckboys, they’ll have them.

Fuckboys The Musical plays from Tuesday September 18 until Sunday September 23 at The Ballroom, Lithuanian Club for Melbourne Fringe.