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Free Comic Book Day In Melbourne

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So this Saturday is international Free Comic Book Day, which means that comic book stores, if they know what's best for them, will let you have a free comic book! Hooray!

Free Comic Book Day started in 2002 in America and is meant to bring new readers into comic book stores and get them into the whole comics scene.


Around Melbourne we have a few good comic stores and here's where they are and what they're doing on Saturday.



All Star Comics are leading the back with a whole bunch of scheduled events, with appearances/chats from some awesome comic book artists including Matthew Dunn, Andrew Isaac, Jeff Cruz, Hugh Freeman, Tristan Jones, Katie Houghton-Ward, Tom Taylor (a writer not an artist), Colin Wilson and Mike Wszealki all dropping by between 11am and 4pm on the day. They'll be selling some items as well. More details here

ASC have also got some new posters by Justin Van Genderen available on the day too. On top of that, all Showcase and Essentials books will be only $20 (ie the essential Thor or Green Lantern books; some of these are huge!)


All Star Comics is at Level 1, 410 Lonsdale Street.




Zombie Comics haven't announced anything special for Saturday... probably because they're just an online store. But you should check them out anyway because they're rad and there might be some kind of sweet discount! Keep an eye on their website.



One of the better-known and older comic book stores in Melbourne, Minotaur, don't have anything on their site explicitly about Free Comic Book Day but I'd have to assume that they're participating, so head to their store at 121 Elizabeth Street or call them on 9670 5414. 



Although they have no website, Classic Comics Melbourne will be participating in Free Comic Book Day so you should walk on in to their store at 7/50 Bourke Street - it's on the second floor. 



Yes it's a naff kind of name but it's a great store! Stores, actually - they're at 220 Bourke St (First Floor), 113 Chapel Street (Windsor) and 112 Maroondah Highway (Ringwood). They're also online (kinda) with opening times but not much info, so head into one of those stores and get involved.



For those of you up north, Evil Empire Comics may or may not be participating... worth going in and asking about it anyway! They're online at Cafepress here and in the physical real world they exist at 36 Sydney Road. 



Another favourite, FEC are definitely celebrating the comic book love by giving you a free poster, sticker and pin set with every purchase on Saturday. If you buy stuff, photograph yourself with it and post it to facebook and tag them, you'll go in a draw to win a FEC t-shirt. That's for all of May, actually, which is cute! They don't have their own store but this offer applies to all their gear. Read Beat's interview with them here!



Aside from having a big Reolcation Sale on at the time, Alternate Worlds are already giving out free comics every Tuesday (!) and will be celebrating Free Comic Book Day on Saturday too. Double whammy. Triple maybe even...check them out at 76 Chapel St, Windsor. 

You might not get an actual free comic book but you'll definitely save some money, have heaps of fun and meet some weird and fun people. Free Comic Book Day is Saturday May 7, at comic book stores everywhere. They're usually small businesses so try not to chuck a tantrum if you don't get the thing you want for free - just have fun and get involved!