Free books are being hidden on public transport tomorrow

Mystery books wrapped in orange paper will be scattered on train, bus and tram seats tomorrow for lonely communters to take home.

Watch out for a bright orange, book-shaped Valentines date to take home with you if you're travelling via public transport on Wednesday February 14 in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. 

A joint idea by publishers Penguin Random House, roving library service Books on Rails and Street Library, the campaign is called Blind Date with a Book and involves free books being hidden on various public transport services and street libraries across the three capital cities, to encourage more reading and community connections.

The eye-catching paper companions are plastered with the words "open me" in bright pink love hearts, encouraging those without Valentines plans to cuddle up with a good book (and maybe a bottle of wine. Or two. Depending on how quickly you read.)

And the best part? You can just abandon your date on the train the next morning if they don't float your boat. 

If you're really, really lucky, you might find a mystery book on your commute tomorrow. More info via Penguin Random House