Footscray City Films

Can you share a bit about your school? We offer the Creative Arts and Culture Training package from Certificate IV to Advanced diploma of Screen & Media. Our students are provided with hands on tuition in Short Film Production on up to 20 films per year, taking students from concept right through to the marketing of their films. Our facilities are industry standard and have just installed a new green screen in our professional studio.
Describe to us a typical Footscray City Films Student? A typical Footscray City Films student is hardworking, diligent and hands on. Our graduates can be found working in a variety of roles throughout the Australian Film & Television industry whether it be crew members, directors of independent feature films, documentary filmmaking and music videos.
How does filmmaking foster a sense of community? Filmmaking is such a collaborative process that it encourages individuals to be supportive. It awakens a sense of community in all of us. Individuals and their whole development are central to what we teach. We offer innovation with tradition, of self-discipline with freedom, which is the basis of creative learning, of balance and breath with the opportunity for students to specialise in areas of interest and expertise. 
“Footscray City Films develops the whole person” can you tell us about this? Footscray City Films develops the whole person through creativity, diversity and freedom. The great strength of the Film School lies in its ability to nurture and encourage strong relationships with students, the film and television industry and the community.

Footscray City Films is located at 1 Kinnear Street, Footscray.