Flinders Street Station Exhibition Comes To Town

Erected in 1910, Flinders Street Station has been the connection point for millions and with over 100,000 people passing through Flinders Street Station daily, many people have not been privy to the off-limit areas of the Edwardian masterpiece. Until Now.

For one weekend only, the Contemporary Site Investigations will exhibit a historical insight into this Victorican landmark, bringing the station to life through art works that explore the historical and cultural significance of Flinders Street Station in contemporary times.
Entitled Contemporary Site Investigations: Flinders Street Station, the exhibition features a piano recital in the Flinders Street Ballroom — yes, we were surprised too — that has not been used in over 20 years. Other works include live Jeremy Taylor's sound experiments Compressing Time, Cameron Robbins's audio and lighting investigations called Metronomic and many more. All pieces presented were created during the CSI's one month investigation at Flinders Street.

Contemporary Site Investigation: Flinders Street Station will occur from Friday October 19 – Sunday October 20. Admission is free and more information about the exhibition can be found at Contemporary Site Investigations.