Flag Man

Tell us about your show. Flagman is about a family in 1972 suburban Victoria. The play centres on the Johnson’s who are gathered to celebrate Len’s 50th birthday and it explores prejudice, war, identity, the stories and mythologies we invest in as a family and ultimately as a country. 
Why is it important to expose yourself to different forms of art? It’s so important to seek out a multiplicity of art forms and mediums as it widens our scope and ultimately our capacity for empathy. 
What inspires you about the Melbourne Fringe Festival? The multitude of voices and the opportunity to see unbridled and bold new work.
Can you describe the journey of making a show? It’s thrilling, often daunting, but you’re never alone. There are plenty of ‘flying by the seat of your pants’ moments but you learn to ride those waves. It’s never clean, there’s always mess and unexpected problems, but you get a rhythm for it and if you’re lucky you have people around you leaning in and relishing that journey with you.
Describe your show in three words: Bloody good stuff.

Flag Man runs at The MC Showroom from Tuesday September 19 - Sunday September 24.