Five Walls Projects Presents Chthonic System

Language is a difficult thing to learn, yet it intrinsically connects us all. It has many constructs, from the serifs on your 't' to the conception of a silent letter, therefore, when David Freney-Mills decided to explore language in his collection Chthonic System, it proved to be a very difficult thing.

Through dripping letters, and colour watercolours, Freney-Mills put paint to paper to illustrate how repetition can distorted language on a visual landscape. Yellows will morph into burnt oranges, while candlestick white will adopt musty hues. This imagery depicts how words can be separate, but still connected. It shows how shape, colour and line can misconstrue meaning, making an 'r' turn into an 'l'.
Chthonic System is the type of exhibition that will make you ponder about words and the underlying meaning beneath them.

Chthonic System will be on display at the Five Walls Projects until Wednesday February 27. Admission is free.