Five Curious Things To Experience At Swell

Swell 3.0 – Music For The Curious is almost upon us. Here are five curious things to experience at the lauded and ambitious arts and music project, which spans over two days at Port Nepean National Park.

1. This will be the first time a historic Fort just south of Melbourne has been given over to an art experience, or public event of any kind. Fort Nepean lies amidst the spectacular surrounds of Point Nepean National Park, on the tip of the Mornington Peninsula. A place brimming with stark contrast, all to be explored through the language of art and live music this weekend.
2. Fresh off the back of Inner Varnika, Melbourne duo Albrecht La’Brooy will perform like you have never seen them before (and may never see again). Improvised electronic sounds live from a historic gun emplacement swathing out across the awe-inspiring beauty of Port Phillip Heads. A sneak into one of five genre diverse reimagined live music performances.
3. A 24-channel soundscape walks the line between dreams and reality, conceptualised by local artists Bryce and Marlon Grunden. This element features field recordings from nature – highlighting the contradiction of natural beauty and person-made structure. Think manipulated sounds of waves, whales, shorebirds and beyond. 
4. A series of interactive installations designed to collect live music history. At Swell, you will listen to stories and share your own through a Confession Booth and vintage typewriter stations. You’ll also experience live orations and audio recordings of interviews with local artists like Hayden Calnin and Marty Williams. All housed in the enclaves that stem off an architecturally stunning tunnel. 
5. Surreal autumn weather to get adventurous on foot. Get your fit on before the music and art hybrids begin, with two local walk guides Jacqui Winstanley (Saturday) and Lionel Lauch (Sunday) will share their unique perspectives on local flora and fauna for the very first time at Point Nepean. Or you can simply relax, rest your feet and shuttle your way in.

Swell 3.0 goes down from Saturday April 22 to Sunday April 23 at Point Nepean National Park. Tickets and additional information via their website.