Experience GoGo Goddesses and raunchy lion tamers at LuWOW's Halloween spectacular

LuWOW is famous for its whackiness and I’m sure your Halloween party will be no different. What’s in store for the Zombie Zoo Party? We have a nighttime of Halloween Tiki craziness that’s for sure, our GoGo Goddesses are bedecked as evil birds of paradise, we have a very raunchy lion tamer act, two great bands, lots of vintage dance tunes and my favourite Zombie Party Games.
What will be different about this year’s party compared to past years? We always have fun, and this year we are encouraging people to go beastly and let loose their inner animals hence the Zombie Zoo theme. Of course all the usual Halloween get-ups are more than welcome and you might even get away with looking normal. Plus The Rubix Warehouse is very suited to us, has a big gorgeous sound system and lots of room to go wild.
Tell us more about the live music. What can we expect from Hypno Sex Ray and Anna Lee & The Double Lovers? Hypno do a superb Cramps show that is spot on musically and a lot of fun, whilst Anna Lee play really authentic early sixties rhythm and blues and are perfect to get the party started.
Anything else guests should be mindful of before arriving at the Zombie Zoo Party? Live spooky piano themes in the chill out area, and note that dressing up equals more fun. We have a photographer on site too so you will go down in the LuWOW Halloween Hall of Fame. The day after we pack up and head off to “The Funtastic Festival” in Spain to repeat the show there over three days.

The LuWOW Halloween Bash goes down at The Rubix Warehouse on Saturday October 27. Grab your tickets via Eventbrite.