El Patio Spanish Language School

Tell us about El Patio Language School. El Patio has amazing teachers, two lovely schools, helpful admin staff, student study support and lots of fun, which is the best environment for learning a language.
What makes Spanish such a beautiful language to learn? I think we all know about those adorable rolled Rs, those guttural G and J sounds and the incredibly hot northern Spanish TH sound for the letters C and Z. Did I mention fun?   
Why should we all learn another language? Because it’s good to get to know another culture – in this case, 22 cultures. Research has shown that it’s good for our brains to learn and use another language. But the best reason is because it makes us world citizens if we learn how to think as others do.
How do El Patio Language classes differ from other classes around Melbourne? We have a massive amount of classes to choose from, stepped-out programs for different levels, lots of study support, wordlists and even homework emails if you miss class. Of crucial importance, the teachers are qualified to teach a language.
What is it that makes you love teaching Spanish? I’ve learnt the language as an adult, gone through the process of learning verbs, vocabulary and grammar rules, been in as many practice situations as possible and I’m daft about encouraging anyone to experience the thrill of communicating in another language. It’s got to be tried.

El Patio Spanish Language School is located at 2/152 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne and 114 High St Northcote.