Education Special : NIDA

What does NIDA offer their students? The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) is Australia’s leading centre for dramatic arts education and training. Offering a range of graduate, undergraduate and vocational courses, NIDA empowers artists in their chosen field to find their individual creative voice.
What’s it like being a student at NIDA? NIDA students are exposed to a hothouse of complexities and contradictions, to push their artistic visions to the limit. They encounter many exciting challenges and develop experience with new disciplines that inspire their practice and broaden their networks.
How are NIDA courses unique? Collaboration is the very lifeblood of NIDA. Through it, our students develop relationships that last their entire careers. Throughout the year, NIDA students have multiple opportunities, such as the triple j Unearthed music video project, to work together across disciplines and showcase their work to industry, agents and the general public.
What are you most proud of at NIDA?  NIDA is embedded in the arts, entertainment and cultural communities worldwide. This dynamic network of contacts provides valuable opportunities for students to learn from and be mentored by high-profile practitioners.
What does the future look like for NIDA? For nearly 60 years, NIDA has made a significant impact on Australia’s theatre, screen and creative industries, allowing Australian stories to be heard. We will push this legacy further by continuing to produce graduates who are recognised for their high level of skills and success on stage and behind the scenes, as well as their contribution to the nation’s cultural fabric.

NIDA offers a range of courses aimed at everyone from children 2-12 years up to Undergraduate studies. Find out more on their website.