Education Special : Drama with a Difference

What does Drama with a Difference offer students? With a history that spans more than 20 years, aspiring young actors are entering a school that has a list of genuine past (and often present) students who have gone onto to becomesuccessful actors. We are often contacted by casting agents seeking new talent.
Tell us about Drama with a Difference. The school offers a wide range of classes – for all age-groups and levels. We cater for aspiring actors as well as those who wish to use drama for recreational purposes. Drama is great for improving self-esteem and confidence, and our teachers are experienced, established theatre practitioners.
How does what your teach foster a sense of community? Our school has the benefit of the use of an intimate theatre, which enables us to do public performances on a regular basis. Some of our courses involve taking part in festivals such as The Melbourne Comedy Festival and The Melbourne Fringe Festival.
How do your students blossom along the way? I have seen aspiring actors come to the school and get into a lead role in a major feature film. At the same time, it’s just as inspiring to see someone overcome their shyness, or gain better speaking skills by attending classes.
What are you most proud of at Drama with a Difference? The way in which our experienced and committed teachers can cater to a wide variety of needs. It’s great to see the number of students who have played major roles (and guest roles) in film, television and theatre.

Drama with a Difference have locations in Clifton Hill and Kew. They offer classes for people of all ages.