Education Special : 16th Street Actors Studio

Tell us about 16th Street Actors Studio. We are a professional acting studio based in Melbourne, providing an environment for actors to develop technique, a work ethic and a respect for acting. We are supported by the finest local and international industry professionals and teachers who teach specific acting techniques developed by world-renowned masters.
Do you remember the first class taught at 16th Street Actors Studio? How does it differ from a class today? We opened our doors in 2009 with an emphasis on film actor training. We now incorporate a balance of specific techniques and the application of them to both theatre and film. We offer the best of a British and European tradition of training whilst honouring techniques forged and mastered in the United States.
What skills do you teach specific to your industry? Our training teaches actors the vocal, physical, and imaginative skills, incorporated with a vital internal life to live fully on stage and to assimilate these skills with the intimacy required to be a dynamic screen actor.
How are 16th Street Actors Studio courses unique? We offer classes catering to specific levels of development from beginners right through to experienced working professionals. Our classes include Technique Term Classes, Full and Part Time Programs, Workshops and Master Classes.
What’s some exciting 16th Street Actors Studio news you would like to share? We are excited to host Master Classes and Workshops this year with international master teachers Elizabeth Kemp, The Actors Studio NYC, Shakespeare & Co, Carl Ford, Susan Batson Studio NYC, and Carol Rosenfeld. Our commitment to training is also reflected in the 16th Street Foundation offering scholarships for individuals to train overseas.  

16th Street Actors Studio is located on 715 Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield South.