Echoes of Villers-Bretonneux

How long did it take you to craft it? It’s taken about a year to put the show together. Months of research, (getting access to 100-year-old primary sources at the State Library was an absolute treat), months of writing and now rehearsing have seen the play come along pretty smoothly.

What does your show say about society today? Marking the 100-year anniversary of Villers-Bretonneux, it takes a strong look at the expectations of young Australian men, both today and in 1918 – what drives us, what we believe in, what we’re prepared to sacrifice, and how it ties into our notions of masculinity.

Is your show based on true-life experiences? Our show is based upon the real experiences of the 15th Brigade AIF in France and Belgium in WW1. Everywhere we go on the journey of this play, they went 100 years ago. The events of the battles are real; the conditions are real, as was the constant threat of danger.

What do you want the audience to take away from your show? To learn something about this crucial, yet overlooked battle that was monumental in diverting the entire course of WW1.

Where do you plan to take your show after Melbourne Fringe? First to regional Victoria, then maybe have a run at Adelaide and Sydney Fringe Festivals. And if the stars align; we feel this would be an excellent piece of theatre to take all the way to Edinburgh.

See Echoes of Villers-Bretonneux at the Courthouse Theatre from Sunday September 23 until Sunday September 30 (excluding Monday). Tickets are $15/ $10 conc.