Dom & Dumber weave magic and intrigue into a showstopper


Dom & Dumber: The Sketch Comedy Magicians

Gone Girl

Gone Girl is the laugh-a-minute double act from Dom & Dumber – aka award-winning magicians and comedians Dom Chambers and Bayden Hammond. What marks this show as a cut above the rest is the way magic, comedy, pop culture references and an endearing narrative are woven together with ease.

Chambers and Hammond are clearly well acquainted with each other, both on a personal and comedic level. This shines through clearly throughout the performance. It's charming to watch the pair bounce off each other, and making each other laugh in the process. As a general rule, Chambers acts as the show's affable protagonist – he's got a natural comedic timing and does an exceptional job of guiding the narrative throughout. Meanwhile, Hammond is an exceptional character actor. Throughout the show, he switches up personas – ranging from a drunken Russian comrade to a sadistic incarnation of Jigsaw from the Saw franchise. The pair make for a great contrast – one grounded and incisive, the other hilariously larger than life. They're on a winning ticket, and it works throughout.

As for the magic, the pair are clearly very talented in this regard. Far from just spinning a few parlour tricks, the magic that Dom & Dumber pull off is clever, impressive, and involves audience participation throughout. There are multiple moments that had the audience audibly gasping in disbelief. The fact that these magic tricks also propel the narrative forward – as opposed to just being integrated into the show as an afterthought – prove Dom & Dumber's creativity as writers.

Loaded with witty pop culture references and bursting at the seams with inventive turns, Gone Girl takes the best of an action movie, a buddy comedy and a magic show and embeds them all with Dom & Dumber's hilarious banter. An instantly lovable show that no doubt will go far.