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Danielle De Niese

Young Talent Time is one of those shows that we just don't get. And if this year's contestants were anything to go by, there isn't much hope left. But many years back, there was still that hope as nine-year-old Danielle De Niese was crowned the winner - the youngest person ever to win the show. 

From there, it's only gone uphill for the star - moving to LA, winning an Emmy, making her debut with the LA Opera at 15, and debuting at the Met at age 19. Yep, there's not much this girl can't do. To celebrate her professional debut in her home country, De Niese will head back to her native land to sing a specially commissioned Australian work.

Danielle De Niese will bring the tidal wave that is her beauty and talent to the Melbourne Town Hall on Sunday June 17 & Monday June 18.