A Couple of Charming Dogs

Tell us about your show Sam: It’s a show about identity, but it’s been cleverly disguised as a dumb, nonsense comedy show with deep, cutting political observations and stupid poo jokes alike.David: Most importantly though, it’s about what it means to be a ‘Charming Dog'.
David: Most importantly though, it’s about what it means to be a ‘Charming Dog'.
Could you share the unexpected realities you’ve experienced as a performer? Sam: We figured we wouldn’t be sleeping on a bed made out of four couch pillows next to a broken heater in a friend of a friend’s trap house having goon for dinner.
David: We’ve been offered more ketamine than we have stage time and we’ve been finishing durry packs before lunch.
Can you share a moment you two have always remembered? Sam: Dave and I were at a gig once where I ate so many hot wings at the bar upstairs. Nothing funny happened, it was just a real proud moment. I love hot wings. Oh, and September 11 obviously.
David: The day they got Osama.
Who are your biggest influences? Sam: In comedy it’s Bill Burr and Marc Maron, but in life it’s Jesus. I’m real gay for Jesus.
David: Louis CK and Chris Rock, but Richard Pryor is the GOAT. Not including Jesus. He’s the GOAT of my heart.
*Sam and Dave argue over who Jesus would want more*
Describe your show in three words David & Sam: VERY VERY REALLY SMART!!
*Sam and Dave go back to arguing about Jesus*

A Couple of Charming Dogs runs at The Imperial Hotel from Tuesday September 12 - Monday September 18.