The Comedy Zone is a smorgasbord of up-and-coming talent


The Comedy Zone brings together five of Australia’s rising stand-up stars for an hour of quality humour. Not only are you scoring five tickets for the price of one, expect to see for the most part a funny and diverse array of stand-up styles, unusual topics and naturally the occasional dirty joke.
Like with all stand-up shows, the front row remained empty even when Sydney-born host and comedy regular Tom Cashman reassured the crowd he was nice and didn’t pick on the audience. Much to our relief he was being genuine and warmed up the night with a wonderful mix of sarcasm and stories about how he has f*cked up in the past.
Being lucky enough to come from Perth, the following comedian Nat Damena already had plenty of good material about his hometown to play with. His straightforward and blunt approach to topics such as Isis may have fallen on deaf ears yet his likeable charisma as an entertainer did shine through at times.
The highlight of the evening came in the form of our two middle acts which saw Queenslander Tim Hewitt followed by Victoria local Rohan Ganju. Donning a Hawaiian shirt that seemed appropriate for his magnetic personality, Hewitt hit the spot with incredibly relatable topics about coming home to visit your mum and baby boomers with iPads.
To the innocent eye Ganju might come across as somewhat reclusive and nerdy, with his long hair covering his face. This plays to his set’s advantage however as his dark and funny attitude towards murder and Tinder combined with absurdly witty one-liners about Sigmund Freud and The Bachelor left the audience in hysterics.
As you can see the contrast between Hewitt and Ganju is an equally entertaining touch to the flow of the evening.
Concluding with the only female stand-up Danielle Walker, the night ends with a display of amusing drawings and original yet sometimes sinister jokes. Though maybe not heralding as may laughs as her predecessor, her giddy and somewhat evil chuckle keeps us on the edge of our seats as do her jokes about her mum - who was in the audience.
Handpicked from around Australia, the evening highlights promising products of the country’s comedy scene. Though some shone brighter than others, they are all certainly upcoming comedians to be reckoned with and you are certainly guaranteed a number of laugh out loud moments throughout this show.
By Tamara Davison