A Comedy of Terrors

What does your show say about society today? Welcome to the age of terror, and the war on brain cells. A witty, cheeky parody of six conservative leaders and their intersecting destinies in the mad world of politics.

How does your show play with convention? Unconventionally, some characters are live on stage, while others interact with them, ‘live via satellite’ in this multimedia, world premiere for one night only. Amazingly, all six characters are played by mercurial mimic Helchild, who is also the writer, producer and director.

What’s the central premise of your show? Brace yourself for the firebrand musings of QLD politician Pauline Fartson. Be enthralled by Ex-Prime Minister Mr. Turdbull and his tragic magic show. Watch transfixed as Baloney Abbott launches Pauline’s new book with Katter the Mad Hatter. Experience a welcome to empire by Queen Hellizabeth. And be mesmerised by the political rants of US President Donald Blimp. As with our politics today, there are lots of surprises.

Where do you plan to take your show after Melbourne Fringe? The show’s team intends to take A Comedy of Terrors to The Melbourne Comedy Festival 2019 and on tour.

What’s a fun fact about your show? The arrival of guest comedians – leading Indigenous comedian Shiralee Hood and critically acclaimed Frank Hampster (Cardinal Sin).

A Comedy of Terrors will perform exclusively on Tuesday September 18 at Loop Project Space & Bar. The performance starts at 8pm and tickets are $20/ $15 conc.