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Comedy Superstars Join Yo Adrian! Fundraiser

Many of Australia’s best and funniest comedians are coming together for a gala fundraiser for a comedy superstar you’ve probably never heard of.

During the 2012 Melbourne Comedy Festival, Adrian Cherubin,the Festival’s long serving Technical Director suffered a stroke. Adrian has lead the production team at the Comedy Festival for 20 years and has been responsible for helping out newcomers as well as the production management, lighting design and stage management of countless productions and tours for many of Australia’s most popular comedians. Adrian’s professional community are rallying to raise funds to assist his on-going care and rehabilitation – and they’re not kidding about raising some serious cash.


Wil Anderson, Carl Barron, Kitty Flanagan, Greg Fleet, Tom Gleeson, Judith Lucy, Dave Hughes, Frank Woodley, Justin Hamilton and Brian Nankervis are just a few of the big names lined up to pull out all the stops for Adrian.

Yo Adrian! takes place at The Regent Theatre on Wednesday September 26. For bookings and to donate, visit the MICF website.