The co-founder of String Theory is coming Down Under to talk science

Dr Michio Kaku will explore the future of humanity in his upcoming tour. 

Whether you're a science-nerd or just worried about the impending doom of our poor planet, you're going to want to hear what world-renowned physicist, futurist, co-founder of String Theory and author Dr Michio Kaku has to say about what lies ahead in his The Future of Humanity tour.

Joining This Is 42 - a community of those looking to find meaning among like-minded people through art, science, design, sports, music and more - Kaku will host talks in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne, drawing on his latest best-selling book The Future of Humanity to explore the possibility of life existing away from Earth if humanity were to decide the best course of action is to up and leave the mess we've made of this planet. 

Not only will the tour provide a unique experience to hear from Michio, there will also be a chance to discuss the ideas he raises as well as an opportunity to ask him any science-related questions that no amount of Googling can answer for you. 

Catch Dr Michio Kaku's The Future of Humanity talk at MCEC Plenary 2, Melbourne on Wednesday November 14. Tickets are on sale now.