The City of Melbourne is set to celebrate the works of Jane Austen

In partnership with Melbourne Rare Book Week and Master of Multimedia Design students from Monash University, the City of Melbourne has planned a program to celebrate the life and works of Jane Austen on the 200th anniversary of her death.

Held at Library at the Dock, the events and exhibitions will cover everything from accounts of Austen's life to readings of her writings and an introduction to a range of collectible Austen books. 
The exhibition launch will also see Caroline Jane Knight, Austen's great niece, five generations removed, feature as a guest speaker.
"For many Melburnians, the works of Jane Austen are a lifelong passion and her writing is more popular now than ever," said Councillor Dr Jackie Watts, Chair of the Knowledge City portfolio. "Through her novels and the film adaptations of them, Jane Austen's work provides an insightful, sharp and witty commentary revealing much about the society of her times. 
"I am confident this exhibition will encourage a new generation of Jane Austen enthusiasts and will inspire readers to reflect, learn and hopefully create."

The City of Melbournes's Jane Austen celebrations will take place at Library at the Dock from Monday June 5 to Tuesday July 4. Tickets via City of Melbourne.