Circus and rock'n'roll collide in this new Melbourne show

Bringing you an energetic Rock Opera.

Circus Oz are back with a spectacle that matches acrobatics with infamous music duo Die Roten Punkte. Rock Bang premieres on Thursday November 15, and runs until Sunday November 25 at Coopers Malthouse, Merlyn Theatre.

“We are so thrilled to finally premiere this exclusive season of Rock Bang – a riotous hard-rocking Circus Oz explosion detonated by Otto and Astrid,” shares Circus Oz Director, Rob Tannion. “It combines loud rock music, big speakers, unapologetic circus skills and tricks, alongside plenty of stupidity and laughter.”

This new show is a rock concert with acrobatics, comedy and punk anarchy. With heart-stopping stunts, ridiculousness, soaring riffs and thumping drums, you won’t want to miss this. Otto and Astrid from Die Roten Punkte are excited to be working with Circus Oz. Rock Bang tells the life story of this completely dysfunctional pair growing up to become the heart of Berlin’s underground rock scene.

“We’ve been waiting our whole lives to make a rock opera with our songs and Circus Oz have helped us to take this dream to a whole new level with the bendy-est people in Australia.”

Rock Bang’s ensemble features twelve of Melbourne’s best multi-talented artists, musicians, designers and makers. At a later stage, the show will be adapted for a tour, which will feature five ensemble members.

Circus Oz is celebrating their 40th year of original and hilarious circus shows. Rock ‘n’ roll has been a large part of Circus Oz and their recreation of a traditional art form since 1978. Since then the acclaimed circus has toured numerous shows to over 100 cities and 28 countries.

Circus Oz premieres Rock Bang at Malthouse’s Merlyn Theatre on Thursday November 15, tickets to all dates available from Malthouse Theatre.