Cartoobs And Other Typos

Stand-up comedy offerings from television personalities, actors, writers, musicians, and random street mimes are always a risk. But would my favourite cartoonist be able to pull it off?

First Dog on the Moon is, as many of you will know, the in-house cartoonist for Crikey. He won the 2011 Political Cartooning Award, for what I can only imagine was general awesomeness in his field of choice. Cartoobs and Other Typos isn't, strictly speaking, a stand-up comedy show. It involves a certain amount of laughter and indeed standing up, it's true, but the show sits much more comfortably in the whimsical and diverse Melbourne Fringe Festival than it would as part of a comedy festival.
Mr Onthemoon promises “song, dance, colouring in and pretending to know what you are doing while being adorable”, all of which, except the colouring in, are delivered with gusto. I don't quite know what I expected from Cartoobs and Other Typos, but seeing a live performance from Bandy the Interpretive Dance Bandicoot introduced by the Managing Director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (that's the ABC for those of you playing at home) Mark Scott was not one of them.
Divided into three amusing yet philosophical 'orations' on such topics as diverse as climate change and feminism Cartoobs and Other Typos is a meandering journey through some of the important thoughts which wander through the mind of First Dog on the Moon. A journey which left me thoughtful, upbeat, and holding a complimentary cartoon specially created during the show. Oh, and there were lots of cute pictures of cats.

Cartoobs And Other Typos ran as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.