“Can I have your autograph?”: The panel discussion about the importance of fans, by fans

The music industry would not be if it weren’t for its humble devotees to musicians 

The Australian Music Vault’s second Stories of Australian Music talk, “Can I have your autograph?” focuses on the role of fans and fan communities and their contribution to the musician’s success and audience perception. Music collectors too, are vitally important in the documentation of music history and allow future generations an insight into what it was like watching a band rise to fame.

One of the speakers, Lynne Trute, a long-time Nick Cave fan and collector has donated several pieces of Nick Cave history to the Australia Performing Arts Centre including newspaper clippings, audios, videos, photographs and posters which allow others to get a ‘fan’s-eye-view’ from the very beginnings of a musician’s career.

Also speaking during the talk will be Peter Green (PR and fan club for Crowded House and Split Enz), Owen Lambourn (co-founder of the Kylie Crew), Holly Pereira (writer and assistant booker at Howler) and Jenny Valentish (journalist and facilitator).

The second talk will be held on Wednesday March 28 at 6:30pm.

Tickets are $15 or $10 concession available here