C31 is switching off with 144 hours of live television

Melbourne's beloved community television channel is shutting down with a bang after 22 years on our screens. 

Last Week Live will have the network broadcast for six straight days, featuring current and past faces of the C31 community and claiming an unofficial Australian free-to-air TV record.
The feat will rope in the support of national community TV flagbearers like 44 Adelaide, Perth's WTV, Brisbane's 31 Digital, and RMITV, to bring a smorgasbord of reports and special guests 24 hours a day.
The channel has been fighting the federal government's 2014 directive to switch to online only delivery in order to sell broadcast spectrum spaces to commercial channels or subscription TV providers.
Over the years, C31 has been a leader in community television, giving unheard voices a platform to speak or aspiring producers a chance to practice their skills, and this broadcast marathon is sure to be the perfect tribute to the station's achievements.

Tune into C31 from Monday December 26 to Saturday December 31 for Last Week Live. It'll also be broadcasting on C31's Facebook page