Blake Everett reigns supreme in 'The King of Nothing'


Making his second appearance at MICF at the tender age of 19, Blake Everett or The King of Nothing is here to show you some of the finest comedy that the festival has to offer. Do not be discouraged by his youthful age - Blake knows his stuff, carries the stage like a comedy veteran, (looks around 25 anyway) and has the audience in stitches throughout the hour.
With the back-row decorated with signs ‘reserved for late comers’ this is the kind of show where no-one in the audience is safe. The performance opens with a musical feature that reminds people that he’s ‘actually not a c***’ and what follows is a clever variety of stand-up, musical comedy and sketches - he even has a great set of lungs on him too.
The 50-minute show weaves in and out of random everyday topics such as dad jumpers, his girlfriend, doctors and there might even be a ‘your mum’ joke slipped in if you’re lucky. With an excellent delivery, the lively performer handles a degree of heckling very well and even encourages one lucky viewer to join him on stage. This show is certainly original, and alongside some light hearted sing-a-long elements, there are many roars of laughter from the small audience.
What makes this comedian stand out is that he is an absolute natural. Consisting of many elements of improv and audience participation, Everett’s quick wit shines through from the get go and exposes him as a funny man both on and off the stage. He’s bright, jovial and simply entertaining to watch.
If there is room for improvement, though there really wasn’t much, is that the interesting blackout mid-show (despite funny) eventually won’t need to be there. Blake can certainly carry the audience from start to finish just on his natural and incredibly appealing personality.
This is the sort of show that deserves a longer run at the festival. Everett has fun with his performance, clearly loves comedy and thoroughly enjoys himself on stage. As the title suggests it doesn’t matter if you are the King of Nothing, yet this fabulous performer has an incredibly bright future and it won’t be long before we see him as the King of Comedy here in Melbourne.