'Billy Elliot the Musical' returns to Australia next year

The musical first premiered in 2005.

Image source: 
Alastair Muir

Ten years after the curtain fell on Billy Elliot the Musical's Australian debut, the award-winning production is set to return Down Under for another spectacular season starting next year. 

Based on the film of the same name, the West End production has welcomed almost 12 million audience members across the globe as well as accruing over 80 awards, including ten Tonys. Now, the story of a British boy's love of ballet, despite pressure from his dad and friends to pursue a "manly" sport like boxing, is set to capture the hearts of Australian fans once more.

Auditions are still being held, though the roles of Billy's ballet teacher, dad, grandmother, brother and boxing coach have already been cast, featuring Kelley Abbey, Justin Smith, Vivien Davies, Drew Livingston and Robert Grubb, respectively. Scored by Sir Elton John himself, alongside members of the creative team behind the original film, the tenth anniversary of Billy Elliot The Musical is set to be a momentous occasion.  

The production will first hit Sydney next year, before making its way to Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide in 2020. 

Catch Billy Elliot the Musical at Regent Theatre, Melbourne from February 2020. Join the pre-sale waitlist here.