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Big Kids Cracking Night Out at Scienceworks

Scienceworks is fucking awesome, but as you know, kids are dicks. They're always pushing and biting your ankle and whatnot. Sometimes you wonder if Scienceworks would also be great with just adults, especially because when adults lose to Cathy Freeman in that simulated race, we can emotionally deal with the realisation that we're talentless losers. Kids – not so much. They take it out on our ankles.

Well, let your inner child run wild with Wallace & Gromit at the Big Kids Cracking Night Out at Scienceworks. Journey through a world of amazing inventions and take on the role of an apprentice inventor to create everything from household tools to logos. Enjoy the spectacular visuals of the Melbourne Planetarium with Scienceworks' resident astronomer, be dazzled by the Fire and Light show in the Lightning Room and play with lasers in the Playing with Light exhibition – all without kids nibbling on our fucking ankles! Beer, wine, soft drink and food are available for purchase on the night.

Big Kids Cracking Night Out is on at Scienceworks in Spotswood on Saturday May 26. Tickets $26 for adults, $20 concession, students and MV Members, and $44 billion dollars for kids. Pick 'em up from here.