Bella Clark Jewellery

What drew you to making jewellery? I started making jewellery in 2012 when I started a Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT, specialising in gold and silversmithing. The idea of making a wearable, tangible object had a special charm about it. I also love the challenge of making up with a new design for a ring for example.

How would you describe your brand's aesthetic, and who do you imagine wearing it? I think the words that come to mind are soft, a modern take on classic pieces, and anyone who appreciates beautiful jewellery. Anyone with a cute attitude.

How does your process of making bespoke jewellery unfold?  I love creating bespoke pieces. It's so fun and interesting to collaborate with someone that’s already into your work but brings an element of their creativity into the process. I tend to sit down with the client in my studio with a few reference images to previous works of mine and maybe a stone or two in mind and it flows from there.

Why do you think it's important for people to support independent jewellers and craftspeople? Supporting local artists is extremely important. Melbourne has this super cool and creative art scene that’s incomparable to anywhere else in the world. Local jewellers/artists/musicians are keeping it real and authentic.

If you could design any piece of jewellery in the world, what would it be? I think my dream piece would be a piece that someone will treasure forever, a timeless piece with more sentimental value than monetary value.

Find out more about Bella Clark Jewellery on her website.