Bell Shakespeare bring 'The Miser' to Melbourne

Starring Bell Shakespeare’s founder John Bell, this is sure to be a treat.

Bell Shakespeare are at it again, with another performance of an old theatre classic. This time they'll be performing a rendition of French playwright Molière’s The Miser.

Starring Bell Shakespeare’s founder John Bell as Harpagon, The Miser will transport you back to the swinging 1660s, a time of French aristocracy, but with an Aussie flair. In this updated version of the French classic, Bell’s Harpagon character is a penny-pinching, obnoxious, skinflint who would put anything on the line (including his dignity) to win it all. He even sets his sights on the same woman as his son, despite her young age.

The Miser speaks in a broader sense about the disparity across generations, where the young are still relying on their parents and their parents are desperate to hold onto their wealth. Incorporating Australian lingo, Bell Shakespeare present an unlikely juxtaposition between 17th century France and modern-day Australia.

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Catch Bell Shakespeare's The Miser from Thursday April 25 until Sunday May 12 at Arts Centre Melbourne. Tickets via the ACM website.