Becky Lucas is at her lackadaisical best in 'Little Bitch'


If Ilana Glazer and Courtney Barnett morphed into one alcohol-drinking, party-crashing, drunk-messaging-women-that-she-admires-online being, it would pretty much resemble Becky Lucas. Her blunt, honest and much too relatable show, Little Bitch, left me thinking ‘fuck I need to be friends with this girl’. And then I went and drank a whole heap of wine (because she talked about wine a lot).
Little Bitch was like being privy to Becky Lucas’s intimate private diary; full of screwed up encounters and thoughts laid bare on stage told in an unapologetic Australian accent. Nothing was off limits and I basked in the uncomfortable squirms of the middle-aged lady sitting next to me in a suit jacket.
One particularly enlightening philosophy was her Becky’s contrasting views on sex. Referring to a pregnant lady on the bus Becky explained “ew I’m not giving up my seat for you… I know what you’ve done… you dirty bitch… haha”.  She then told a story of her housemate walking in on her while she was doing it in the ‘style of the dog’ while she wore a backpack that her boyfriend ate burger rings out of. And her secret of hiding empty chip packets full of hairballs to increase her chances of picking up. Her thoughts are rapid, unconsidered, and nonsensical in their hypocrisy, but fuck are they good. 
Becky Lucas has a theory on the “Jacinta” effect. The one girl at school who has no upper lip and is, in turn, a complete bloody fun sucker. “Jacinta” wouldn’t come and see Becky’s show because she says “bitch”, and would tell all of her friends not to as well. They’d be relieved because “Jacinta’s” activates usually suck and no one likes Jacinta”. There was also the mean girl in school, the “ew… haha” girl. Everything is “ew” with no further explanation. She’d say “ew” to your shoes, your hair, your boyfriend. I can tell the “ew” girl still haunts Becky. I think she haunts me too.
Becky Lucas is by no means passive. She’ll tell you what she thinks. If it’s through exposing trolls online by shaming their blow up doll girlfriend, or emailing her high school drama teacher, Mrs. McCartney, who told her ‘women aren’t funny’, it’s so refreshing to see someone who has such a strong sense of identity. She sticks to her guns, even if that means telling a couple that a dream about cheating probably means it’s really happening. 
Without a doubt, Little Bitch is one of the greatest comedy shows I have ever had the privilege of seeing and has revolutionised my views on pregnant women. Becky’s natural but slightly awkward energy was infectious throughout the room. Minus suit jacket lady next to me and the inevitable Jacinta in the crowd, everyone was animated and hanging on her every word. I hope Becky is able to get Mrs. McCartney to come and see Little Bitch so that she can shove her bigoted views in her face.
By Rochelle Bevis.