'The Bachela-la-la' is the dating comedy show with all the surprises


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took a first date skydiving? Or considered how you might approach meeting someone’s parents only to discover one was a pirate? Well look no further.
The Bachela-la-la is the ramped up dating show that is devised for the audience by the audience. The contestants are yours to create and the best thing is that no two nights are ever the same in this hour long, hilariously improvised musical.
Randomly selected from the suggestion sheets that the audience submit at the start of the show, tonight our single lady is called Morag. With a penchant for counting beans and making balloon shapes of food, she meets four singing suitors who are willing to do anything to win her heart, literally.
As the host selects more of our suggestions, we follow our colourful characters on their pursuit of love and through a number of elimination rounds. There is never a silence in this high energy show which leaves most of the audience in tears (yet be warned there is also an element of audience participation for three lucky viewers).
It is clear that the rotating cast of The Impromptunes are the cream of the crop in both improv and musical theatre, and their sell-out shows quickly prove that.
Not only is this a group of dynamic and fantastic singers, their ability to crack one another up and have fun with the performance is also refreshing. On top of this, the supporting live music is equally as improvised and the entire show is perfectly polished.
A particular highlight tonight was when a psychotic ex who is into taxidermy yelled, "I’ll stuff you!" and as our winning bachelor, a ‘Penis Painter’ by occupation sings his way off with Morag, it’s impossible not to laugh at the energetic and incredibly witty responses.
It doesn’t matter if dating shows are your guilty pleasure or not and it doesn’t even matter if you enjoy musical performances. This fantastic show is improv at it’s finest, The Bachelorette on laughing gas and certainly one of the comedy gems of this year’s festival.
By Tamara Davison