The Australian artists depicting leaked Nauru files in a brand new exhibition

In an Australian first. 

Thirty-three award-winning Australian artists have joined forces in a premiere exhibition entitled All We Can't See

More than a year in the making, the exhibition aims to raise awareness of the human cost of Australia’s offshore processing policies by depicting a selection of the leaked Nauru files, which include 2,116 individual cases of assault, sexual abuse, self-harm, child abuse and abhorrent living conditions endured by asylum seekers and refugees on Nauru.

“The concept of this exhibition came from simply being a concerned citizen and wanting to do something to help expose the abuses and inhumane treatment the men, women and children who sought our protection have endured under Australia’s policies,” says curator Arielle Gamble. “Art is a powerful, visual language. It can override prejudice and fear and speak to the heart. Not everybody connects with words, and we wanted to give people another way in. We want to illustrate these stories through creative expression and use art to shed light on All We Can’t See.”

Check it out at Yellow House, Sydney, from Friday February 8 - Saturday February 10.