Australia just got its first ever 'dog-sharing' service

You've heard of ride-sharing, yeah? Maybe even car-sharing? Well, this is pretty much like that - except instead of sharing a beat-up Corolla with four other people, you're sharing a doggo. 

Australia's first dog-sharing website lets you borrow a dog free of charge, allowing you to get some quality time in with puppas, woofas, dergs, and dawgs without the full-time commitment of actually taking care of one. 
It also allows dog owners to share their dogs with other dog lovers while they go on holidays, or are out of town for whatever other reason people leave town for. 
The jury's still out on the screening process for lending a doggo out, but allows for backyard-sharing, weekend stays, and reciprocal dog-walking. 
Dog owners upload an image of their dog, as well as detailing its age, size and temperament. They can then search through other profiles for a match in their neighbourhood. In that sense, it's kind of like Tinder for dogs. 
Those who'd like to look after a dog for a couple days can post their experience and availability, and hope that a dog owner swipes right. 

Check it out for yourself over here